Your top-choice for economic, travelling / self-sufficient boondocking, to be yours in September 2015 in Minneapolis or around

We love our truck camper and we’ve put a lot of work into it to spruce it up and turn it into a real home. We’ve also had the car optimized for carrying a camper. The setup is perfect for two (or more) people who want to go anywhere, anytime. You can go into wilderness with the 4-wheel-drive or just choose a campground but pay less because with this vehicle you’ll need no hookups! The Pop Up camper makes you more lightweight and smaller than any other RV and gives you a low profile. It’s all set up for being independent with a big water tank, a solar panel and two powerful batteries.
We’re aiming to sell the truck and camper as a combination and we’re asking 6000 $ OBO. If that shouldn’t work out, we’d be willing to sell the truck for 4500 $ and the camper for 1800 $. Check out the feature list and start dreamin’ about YOUR journey:

About the truck:

About the camper:

Also included: The complete camping gear!

Buy our truck camper and be ready to go. Your set includes: two camping folding chairs, a hammock, 3 gallon drinking water container with a Dolphin manual pump, small BBQ grill, 2 hoses for grey water and fresh water and (almost) complete kitchen equipment

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