A short resume

We’ve been staying in Costa Rica for 13 days now, so here’s a short resume.

What we like here

The Ticos like animals a lot. They’ve got a lot of pets and they even buy food for stray dogs and put it out for them. Those dogs are the friendliest stray dogs we’ve ever seen. They run around the beaches playing with each other all the time.

It’s so warm here that a few scraps of clothing are enough, even when it’s pouring with rain.

We can go swimming in the ocean every day and the water never is cold.

There’s so much fascinating animals and plants everywhere around us.

The people here are so friendly and relaxed. Hitchhiking works like a charm too.

What we don’t like so much

The mosquitos. You can’t hear them, you can’t see them but they’ll get you! Mosquito nets and insect repellent help but they’re not sufficient at all.

That everything in the supermarkets is at least as expensive as in Germany or even more so. Vegetables, rice and beans are cheapest so that’s what is eaten most around here.

It gets dark too early. Currently sunset happens around half past five.

We’re learning spanish every day but it goes too slowly.

What has changed for us

We’re going to bed earlier. Mostly around 10 pm and we’re getting up then between 6 and 7 am.

I went without meat for over a week now. That has never happened before as far as I remember but I don’t mind it. Maybe I’m slowly turning into a vegetarian like Janina?

Despite of the constantly hot climate and sweating more than at home we’re rarely thirsty and don’t drink enough here. That’s weird.

We have no mobile phone, computer, TV or other media constantly available.

We share a house with 7 other people. That’s been quite some time for the both of us since we had no apartment on our own.

I don’t even mind the spiders, bugs and other critters anymore.

What we miss

Family & friends & colleagues

Video games (a bit)

Cheese (Janina)

Doing web design (Janina)

Driving (Martin)

German standards of cleanliness

Not feeling sweaty all the time

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